Clean, Green and Livable Neighbourhoods

Around the world and in our own backyard we are seeing a rise in climate related events. These events can drastically impact our daily lives. We must take strong, innovative measures to ensure we are building a green and sustainable future, seizing the opportunity to create green jobs and a thriving economy by planning for a transition to low carbon transit and incorporating energy efficient, climate resilient alternatives into our plans to update infrastructure. We can make significant progress on Hamilton’s Climate Change Action Plan and make our communities cleaner, greener, more livable, and more welcoming for future generations.

In Hamilton, we all deserve to feel safe, heard and supported. Sadly, many Hamiltonians have experienced hate, racism, homophobia, and transphobia first-hand. Throughout my career, I have been steadfast in my commitment to standing against hate in all its forms. Through partnerships with communities, organizations, and advocates I will continue this work as Mayor. Everyone deserves to feel safe in our community, when they walk down the street or visit their place of worship and I will work tirelessly to ensure that that is realized.

Over the next four years I will work with City Council, staff and the community to: 

  • Tackle hate, systemic racism, and discrimination in all their forms and work with communities and leaders to build robust policies that make Hamilton safe and welcoming for all. 
  • Protect and better maintain existing green space and parks and identify opportunities to increase green space and parkland in all areas of the City.
  • Work to provide more sidewalk clearing in all of Hamilton’s communities. As Canadians we all do our part to keep our sidewalks shoveled, but it’s not always possible. This City should be there to help when folks can’t get this done. 
  • Make life easier for all Hamiltonians by providing better access to community services.

How we’ll do it:

  • Make significant progress on all aspects of Hamilton’s Climate Change Action plan and transparently measure progress on the plan and all of the contributing strategies contained therein.
  • Work with other orders of government to make sure that seniors have what they need to stay in their homes as long as possible and enjoy their golden years in comfort and familiarity. 
  • Tackle systemic hate, systemic racism and discrimination in Hamilton by working in partnership with BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, folks living with disabilities, women, and communities of faith. Ensure that City Hall actively engages with organizations and individuals already doing the hard work in the community. 
  • Support, resource, and champion the existing Urban Indigenous Strategy. Undertake an Indigenous-led review of how the strategy has been implemented across city departments, and how it can be further implemented. Track our progress with an annual assessment of the implementation of the municipally relevant 94 TRC calls to action and the 231 MMIWG2S calls for justice
  • Make it a priority for neighbourhoods to welcome everyone. Ensure parks, public buildings and services are accessible for seniors, people with disabilities, and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.
  • Explore through the board of health and community organizations initiatives to better support those suffering from mental health challenges especially young people.
  • Work with city staff to increase sidewalk clearing with a goal of affordable, universal sidewalk clearing.
  • Implement Hamilton’s Urban Forest Strategy and make it a priority for more trees throughout Hamilton’s neighbourhoods.
  • Maintain a sense of city pride in all our community spaces by boosting attention to litter pick up and maintenance. Add more recycling receptacles in business districts and at festivals and events.

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