Roads, Sewers, and Public Infrastructure

Hamilton has a $2.3 billion infrastructure backlog that needs to be addressed. When we fall behind on city projects, infrastructure will start to fail causing inconvenience, safety issues and added expense. I will focus on catching Hamilton up and fixing the basics like roads, sewers, and public infrastructure now.

Over the next four years I will work with City Council, staff and the community to: 

  • Cut Hamilton’s infrastructure deficit significantly, ensuring roads, bridges, buildings and underground infrastructure are ready for future generations.
  • Approach infrastructure projects with a commitment to environmental sustainability so that as we clear our infrastructure deficit we do so with sustainable and environmentally responsible projects that help tackle the climate emergency, last longer, and respect our obligation to future generations of Hamiltonians.

How we’ll do it:

  • Develop a comprehensive four year plan, within the 10 year capital program, and work with Council to meet annual infrastructure funding and construction targets.
  • Set sustainable goals and guidelines to ensure all retrofits and new projects meet a sustainable standard.
  • Evaluate quality of work to determine whether contractors continue to qualify for city projects.
  • Take into account communities and neighbourhoods across the municipality, and place special emphasis on ensuring infrastructure renewal meets the needs of people in all of Hamilton's unique communities.
  • Learn the lessons of existing problematic streets and build new infrastructure that incorporates the safety and accessibility of all users.

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